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Electric Vehicles

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We Can Help You Switch to an Electric Van

The Next Generation of Vehicles

By choosing an electric van, you are making a conscious decision for an even better tomorrow while benefiting from reduced running and maintenance costs.

Electric vehicles are improving all the time with better battery range, and a larger and faster charging network.

Used electric vans are now appearing on the market at attractive prices. So make now the time to make your next van electric.

5 Reasons to Buy an Electric Van

  1. Cheaper running costs
  2. They are better for the environment
  3. Lower maintenance expenses
  4. Government grants & tax breaks
  5. No congestion charge
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How Do I Charge an Electric Vehicle?

Charging an electric vehicle has never been easier and improvements are being made all the time. Charging away from home is becoming evermore convenient with public charging points at a number of strategic locations:

  • Service Stations and Motorway Services (96% have rapid chargers)
  • Hotels, Restaurants, Leisure Parks and Stations/Airports
  • Shopping Centers, Retail Parks, High Streets and Car Parks
  • Workplaces and Businesses

Some charge points called 'open access' are free, these tend to be offered by retailers and hotels. The majority of charge points belong to a network provider and you will usually need a contactless payment card or mobile app.

Highways England want to ensure 95% of the road network has a rapid charge point every 20 miles.

Charging Network

Electric Vehicles Charging Station

It may suprise you that the UK has over 13,000 public charge points around the country, and this is continuing growing.

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